Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Data

PRAGOSA practices a data protection policy in its recruitment system. By accepting the data protection policy of our recruitment system, you agree that the data provided by us will be stored and processed by all legal entities of PRAGOSA, in the scope of selection and recruitment.
PRAGOSA undertakes not to provide the information collected to any entity that is not part of its group of companies.
This page is the responsibility of PRAGOSA, SGPS, SA.


Use and disclosure of personal data for specific purposes

The Human Resources department of PRAGOSA will use your personal data voluntarily inserted in this platform, solely and exclusively for selection and recruitment processes.
PRAGOSA will treat your data confidentially and will be used exclusively for the internal use of the group, in accordance with data privacy laws. The information collected will be maintained as long as the Human Resources Department deems it necessary for future recruitment actions.
PRAGOSA uses security measures in order to protect data it has under its control from unauthorized manipulation, loss, destruction, access or disclosure.


Spontaneous Jobs

When you apply through a spontaneous application, you are making your personal information available to our organization. The management system implemented for these applications requires that this act be started with the completion of all the fields provided in the “Spontaneous Application” table.
Failure to comply with this requirement will not allow the sending act, in particular the annex (CV).
This requirement will allow the entire process of consultation, selection and evaluation produced by the Human Resources department to enjoy the advantages of a rigorously classified documentary archive. The applicant will be responsible for ensuring that the information provided is correct and true.
Each spontaneous candidacy will be added to the application management system, so that the candidate, if there are any changes in his or her professional, academic or other career, may update the information provided.
This update will always correspond to a complete new fulfillment of previously announced requirements, naturally encompassing the updates.
Personal data filed by the human resources department may be deleted at any time upon written request from the data subject.
In the event of a breach of personal data, PRAGOSA undertakes to notify the National Data Protection Commission within 72 hours.


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